ADP_EM Archive

Multiresolution fitting

Here you can get the latest ADP_EM distributions in your favorite flavor. The last stable 2019 LINUX 64-bit version is v2.1. Please, contact us in case you need the latest version for other architectures. We also include the docking examples used in the tutorials and a collection of simulated docking cases used for validating the ADP_EM performance. By clicking the Download button, you acknowledge that you have read and agree our Software Licensing Agreement.

ADP_EM Files

Chimera Plugins ADP_EM

Updated on 29 October 2018

  • Chimera Plugins
  • Version: Version 1.2

ADPEM Linux64

Updated on 28 February 2019

  • Version: 2.1

ADP-EM mac

Updated on 25 May 2017

  • Version: 1.04

Tutorial fitting single conf.

Updated on 06 March 2017

  • Tutorial to fit a single conformation

Tutorial fitting multiple conf.

Updated on 06 March 2017

  • Tutorial to fit alternative models


Updated on 06 March 2017

  • Rigid-body fitting benchmark
  • Version: 1.0