• iMod Collective motions prediction
    Collective motions prediction


    To explore the colletive motions of proteins and nucleic acids using NMA in internal coordinates (torsional space) just submit the PDB-ID or the atomic coordinates in PDB format (3.x).

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  • RCD+  Ab initio loop modeling
    RCD+ Ab initio loop modeling


    RCD+ server is a fast loop-closure modeling tool based on an improved version of our RCD method. Accurate all-atom loop predictions and ensembles can be easily generated in a few minutes.  

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  • Frodock Protein-protein docking
    Frodock Protein-protein docking


    This web service is for the structural prediction of protein-protein interactions using an improved version of our Fast Rotational DOCKing method*. Given the 3D coordinates of two interacting proteins (conforming PDB format) the server generates very efficiently many potential predictions of how they could interact. 

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