FRODOCK (Fast Rotational DOCKing) generates very efficiently many potential predictions of how  two proteins could interact. This approximation effectively address the complexity and sampling requirements of the initial 6D docking exhaustive search by combining the projection of the interaction terms into 3D grid-based potentials with the efficiency of spherical harmonics approximations. This initial stage exhaustive docking obtain excellent accuracy results with standard benchmarks in just a few minutes, opening new application opportunities in the current 'omics' world. Please also check our protein-protein server HERE

New 2020 version available! (v3.12)

J. I. Garzon, J. R. Lopéz-Blanco, C. Pons, J. Kovacs, R. Abagyan, J. Fernandez-Recio, P. Chacón (2009) FRODOCK: a new approach for fast rotational protein-protein docking Bioinformatics, 25, 2544-2551

E. Ramirez-Aportela, J.R. López-Blanco, P. Chacon (2016). FRODOCK 2.0: Fast Protein-Protein docking server. Bioinformatics 2016 32 (15), 2386-8

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