• haconLab.org

    Macromolecular modeling and simulation

    The Structural Bioinformatics Group is developing innovative techniques for the analysis and modeling of molecular structures. We encourage you to browse our site and take a look at our research lines and goals, and eventually, if you are interested, contact us.

  • Hybrid methods

    Studying supramolecular assemblies

    Advances in modern biology and medicine depend on the understanding of the actions and interactions of large biomolecular complexes. The characterization of such macromolecules can be only tackled with coordinated application of complementary biophysical approaches. Computational hybrid methods bridge the gap between such experimental techniques.

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  • Structure-based drug discovery and design

    Rational drug discovey

    Our group employs and develops computer-based methodologies to aid the structure rational design of new active compounds. Stay tuned, very soon we will release our developements.

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